Protecting your home and what’s inside

Buildings & contents insurance safeguards you from a wide range of unfortunate events. These events could be damage to your home from a fire or a flood, or in the event of a burglary, theft of your belongings. This type of policy will pay out to repair your home or replace any contents if something bad were to happen. 

Typically, buildings & contents insurance can be two separate policies, however combining the two can be beneficial because:

It can be easier to make a claim if your home and it’s contents are damaged.

This type of policy can be more cost-effective than two separate policies.

Tailor your policy to include accidental damage or bicycle cover.

Peace of mind

Having the right and suitable buildings and contents insurance policy in place gives you the confidence and peace of mind that the important and valuable things in your home are protected. You can be rest assured we’ll find a policy that helps you get back to where you were before the unforeseen event, giving you peace of mind.

We are here to help you find the best plan

Ixxos’ expert advisors are on hand to guide you, whether it’s your first time enquiring about buildings and contents insurance, adjusting your existing policy or just looking for a better deal. We can help you.

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