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Life insurance is a great way to protect the things that matter the most – such as ensuring that your loved one’s financial future is secure if something unforeseen and unfortunate happens to you. It can also help to safeguard financially against critical illnesses, the loss of income if you get sick or involved in an accident, or to make sure your mortgage is covered if anything were to happen.

Life insurance covers common causes of death like illness, heart attacks or accidents. Depending on the cover you go for, it may also protect you in the event of terminal illness diagnosis, permananent damage from an accident or suicide.

It’s quick and simple to apply for over 50s protection with our trusted partners: anyone between 50 and 80 years old are automatically accepted in the UK, with no medical questions to answer.

Over 50s life insurance policies are put in-place to pay for things such as funeral costs or to give some money to family. Whether you’re over the age of 50, 60 or 70, over 50 life cover isn’t complicated. Our partner’s Over 50s Life Insurance plans enable customers to choose a premium they want to pay and can afford to pay each month. 

A mortgage could be the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make so it makes sense to protect it. Protecting your mortgage with a policy that ensures that if anything happens to you, your family won’t have to worry about missing payments and the mortgage can be paid off, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Unlike comparison sites, we can provide experience-backed advice and give you more flexibility when it comes to finding a plan to suit you.